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Dussehra marks the win of good over Evil, Brightness over darkness, wisdom over Ego to mention a few. In the same manner, to excel in civil service preparation, one needs to conquer knowledge over ignorance, persistence over laziness, courage over cowardice. And those who do this without any fear of outcome are the most successful ones.

When anyone prepares for competitive examination, his/her major difficulty is practicing the CORRECT material. There are multiple practice tests, books and test series in “so called MARKET”. But how many of them are actually aligned with the demand of examination? What are those important chosen one dynamics that helps in building a candidate’s basics? What are the ingredients to clear the prelim?

To answer all these questions, PIAS decided to come up with a novel idea of prelim test series. We have designed tests in such a way that each candidate who will follow this will definitely in the list. YES!! You heard it right!! We are so confident in our content that we can assure the person about clearing his/her prelim.

As we all know, prelim is becoming a major hurdle in the process of becoming an officer. The unpredictability of exam is such that many are unable to find its exact nerve.  We have meticulously DESIGNED each and every test in such a way that candidate will clear his CONCEPTS rather than only consuming Data.

In these days, exam is not about who has more data, instead it is about who can apply the existing knowledge in those 2 hours!! Even UPSC in their notification said that any WELL EDUCATED person can write answers. We at PIAS are going to Educate you as per the demand of exam instead of giving you mammoth amount of data. UPSC need OFFICERS and not Computers!! And PIAS is at the correct path of it.

Those who are visiting this blog for the first time can go through our achievements in this field. Be in Mains or democratisation of Civil Services preparation. PIAS has always been one step ahead of all. We predicted many questions in UPSC (main) 2022 those you can see in this pdf. This proves that we KNOW what is important to study and where you can save your time.

Thus, we have designed DHEYA PRELIM TEST SERIES for UPSC and MPSC 2023 in which you will get

  1. Revision based Schedule-We have designed the series in such a way that you will get 4 Rounds of Revision For General Studies and 4 Rounds Of Revision for 13 Months of Current Affairs that is by far THE MOST as compared to any test series/

2) Periodic Revision Tests for every topic

3) High Quality MCQs – We are more focussed on clearing the Concept of aspirants instead of mere burdening them with unnecessary data. Thus, we have designed MCQs in such a way that a candidate will clear his concept through given MCQs.

4) Mixed Difficulty levels of Questions– We do NOT want to show othhrs hat HOW DIFFICULT QUESTIONS WE CAN MAKE. Instead, we are more focussed on clearing aspirants’ doubts and concepts. And for that, we will be giving a mixed kinds of questions that will help you to ace prelim.

5) Bilingual- the are many students who are facing difficulty in comprehending exact demand of question, for them we have decided to give tests in both Marathi and English. Aspirants can chose their preferred language.

6) Ranking- when it comes to competitive exams , ranking is of paramount importance, here, you will get a detailed analysis of your performance along with rankings. This will help you to understand where you stand in the preparation. All India Ranking For UPSC

7) State Level Ranking For MPSC will be available

8) Quality over quantity– As we mentioned earlier, we do not want to burden students with unnecessary data, thus we have designed Highest Quality 22 Tests of General Studies so that you will have an edge over others when it comes to prelim.

9) Each and every question is going to be review by 3 teams before being given in the test to ensure that your knowledge is updated and is in correct direction.

We are sure of the fact that once you follow this test series religiously, you are going to clear prelim with ease.

Download schedule of DHEYA TEST SERIES FOR UPSC AND MPSC 2022

further details will be anounced tomorrow.

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