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(It is going to be a long post, but, worth reading one!!)

With change in pattern of MPSC, now this is time for students to change their approach towards the exam altogether. Now the demand of exam is of analytical ability, conceptual clarity, quick thinking and apt presentation from the candidate. Same as UPSC.

The major aim of changing this exam pattern is to increase number of selections of Maharashtrians into UPSC Civils and forest service exam. It is a very welcome step taken by state government and we, as pioneers in answer writing in Maharashtra heartily congratulates those who extended their inputs into this step.

Many of aspirants are worried due to change in this pattern and we came across candidates who are out-rightly leaving their preparation in the middle and are shifting towards other Group – C exams which are MCQ based. We sincerely request those students to read this post fully and think again about your decision, especially when you have given your sweat and blood to this preparation for years.  If, after reading this post, you still want to go with your old decisions, we have our heartfelt wishes for you. But if you decide to take that ONE HARD STEP to fight for your dream AGAIN with more enthusiasm, then we are here for you. free of cost!!!

For those who are just about to start their journey of MPSC or UPSC Civil Services or are in the preparation for last 1 or 2 years, this is THE GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY you will ever come across!! Now is the time when other big players in teaching ‘’BUSINESS’’ will try to woo you with their tactics and will try to take advantage of your fear to make exorbitant money on that fear. You will also come across many saying that “Answer writing needs this and that and blah blah blah!!”

That’s why, we have decided to give you the KAANMANTRA of success and answer writing COMPLETELY FREE!! The TAPASYA through which once you pass, you will be so comfortable in writing answers that no one will take advantage of your weakness. And you will be able to write and clear your MPSC AND UPSC mains with Ease and confidence.

This initiative is for the FIRST TIME AND FIRST OF ITS KIND IN MAHARASHTRA and we proudly call ourselves as the Pioneers of this Practice in State. We have experienced this process first hand and have got tremendous returns. 

Thus, We are proud to present our FREE ANSWER WRITING INITIATIVE- TAPASYA. 

  • In this we are giving 3 mains questions daily at 10 am from Monday to Saturday and will be posting their answers and synopsis by evening. 
  • We have also added SECTIONAL TESTS ON EVERY SUBJECT so that candidates can have hold over all subjects necessary.And don’t worry, we will update its Synopsis and answers as well.
  • Out of these 3 questions, 2 will be from static syllabus and 1 will be from current affairs. In this way you can be in touch with your current affairs while having mastery over your static portion as well. 
  • We are posting the schedule few days prior to beginning of TAPASYA so that you can have necessary resources ready before answering.
  • We will write detailed blog named WORDS OF WISDOM- (WOW INITIATIVE) on our website www.pitambareias.in  for every topic before it begins, so that you will have an idea before you start study and make notes.
  • You are expected to make notes of given topic and revise them before you write the answer. In this way, by the end of this year, you will have all syllabus notes with you with revision.
  • For writing answers, We are posting a UPSC standard size answer writing booklet in pdf format. We request you to take printout of it and make a 200 page separate answer writing books for GS1, GS2, GS3 AND GS4 respectively. 
  • We request you to go through our FREE ASTRA INITIATIVE for necessary resources, detailed syllabus and much more, it will help you to proceed further.

If one follows this initiative rigorously and consistently, we are more than 100% sure that the candidate will be mains ready by the time s/he gives his/her prelims. You will experience it by yourself once you start writing TAPASYA. 

This is by far the most accurate and important way of reaching salvation in this modern competitive world for a candidate preparing for civil services.

This is a novel practice and we sincerely request you to follow this from day one to get an edge. After all, it is YOU who matters to us and SUCCESS that matters for you!! 




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