How I scored Excellent in My Exams

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This video is of me writing Main simulation test.(I am the guy in blue tshirt) I had my main within 10 days and this was the last leg of preparation.

I scored highest among all the people sitting in the class.
Now when I look back as a teacher to me as a student I find few following extremely important things that made me a marks fetching machine.

1) Posture– As you can see, nearly 95% students are sitting with laid back and lethargy. I am writing the test with the utmost erect posture that gave my hand an ideal angle for speed and I could write for long time.

2) Never giving up attitude – You can pause and see time in clock, that is 11.30 am and I am writing with proper speed and discipline.

3) Taking Strategic breaks– While writing Main, you have to take small break of 40 to 50 seconds to recharge. You can eat chocolate in this time and MUST dring water.

4) Looking down till the exam is done– you have to keep sharp focus and look down on your paper apart from anything else

5) Meditation– I never missed a single day during my preparation year. It helped me to keep a sharp focus and discipline.

6) Discipline– I had a set pattern of routine to be followed. I fixed my study hours,slots and revision slots. It helped alot for easy recall and writing.

7) Regular Dialogues with Mentor– I used to have atleast 15 minuets conversation with my mentor Ashish Sir every 2-3 days. It was useful for keeping my mind calm.

8) Feedback on Paper– I used to take each of my solved paper to my mentor and asked for value additions, presentation techniques among other things. Vinay Sir (Founder of Insights IAS) was my mentor for full length papers. Techniques given by Vinay Sir and Ashish Sir came very very handy to me in exam hall.

And last

9) Belief on myself– I completed my schooling in Marathi Medium, still I gave my exam in English medium . And when marks came , I had scored better than English medium students as well.

You should never think lesser of yourself. You have to have the belief that you can do it. It will push you further in this journey.

These are few major aspects of my preparation that helped me to be a better version of myself. I hope that you will also get benefited through this. Try to implement what suits you among these things in your preparation. I am pretty sure victory will be ours.

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