Trust Yourself

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Yesterday few students came to meet late at night. One person prepared in Pune for 3 years, 2 students prepared in Delhi for 2 years. Couldn’t clear prelim, didn’t knew about techniques of answer writing. They Didn’t knew previous year analysis.. and lakhs of money also got wasted.

They used to sit in a batch of 300+ students and had to wait for hours before asking any doubt to teachers, barring mentors.

When I asked them about their mentors then all had the same answer.. Our coaching period (mostly 10 months) got over so mentor also said that he/she can not guide them.

It is disheartening to see youth and talent getting wasted due to lack of guidance. UPSC preparation is a continuous process.. its not about the number of months but the quality is paramount and that what matters here.. 

Most of our students are either in college of have just been passed out their degrees.. I am assuring you guys that PIIAS is always there with you with utmost quality guidance. 

Please do not waste your money, enegry and age running behind big cities and names.. I have been to all the places and there is a reason I have decided to keep our Institute in Latur.

We do want to save thousands of people and their resources. PIIAS is not an institution that will leave you in midway.. we will be with you till you reach your goal. Just Trust yourself…. You can do it.

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