Current Affairs 7 December

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7 December 2022

Vulnerable Sections
GS 2

Vulnerable Sections

Case Study

‘Forced to resign’ as teacher, transwoman says she was ostracised by colleagues and abused by students

Jane Kaushik, 27, could not contain herself when she received her letter of appointment as a teacher in a private school in the Mohammadi-Kheri area of Uttar Pradesh. After scores of schools rejected her application because of her Trans identity over the past few years, one institution finally agreed to hire her and “provide an amiable working environment”. She booked her train tickets immediately.

But the moment she reported for duty with her documents at the boarding school in Lakhimpur Kheri district, she was told that the only way she could continue was if she made sure that no one in the school — neither staff nor students — found out about her transgender identity. Badly in need of a job, Ms. Kaushik agreed. “But I cannot hide my body, the way I look,” she said. Within a week, she was called to the principal’s office and “forced to resign” because some students and staff had “discovered” that she was a transwoman.

GS 3
Science and Technology


ChatGPT is much more than a chat bot. For example, you can ask it to write a program or even a simple software application. It can also do creative tasks such as writing a story. It can explain scientific concepts and answer any question that needs factual answers. ChatGPT is what is called a Language Model, rather than a chat bot.

Yuan Wang 5, surveillance vessel of China, re-enters Indian Ocean

The research and survey vessel Yuan Wang 5 has powerful equipment for gathering a wide range of data.


38.32 rupees In trillion, the worth of more than 23 billion digital payment transactions carried out in July to September 2022 in India, according to fintech firm Wordline India.

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