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Hello Dear Aspirants,

This is a blog for those who are going to attempt a full length test for the
first time in their life TOMORROW. The palpitations inside you, the nervousness before
the test is all going to vanish once you open the test booklet.

This test is designed purely on the lines of UPSC, those who have given UPSC
mains will clearly understand the Quality of questions, page arrangements,
approach used for designing the test as per the syllabus and much more.

Before attempting the test we have few suggestions for you.

1-     DO NOT WAIT TO COMPLETE THE SYLLABUS. – People make the
same mistake of trying to COMPLETE the syllabus before attempting the test. That
time never comes. Writing answers is not a onetime task.. you are not going to
become PERFECT overnight. Instead, keep practicing regularly. Write at least
one answer on regular basis to improve yourself.

2-     REVISION IS THE KEY- those who are following TAPASYA
INITIATIVE regularly, must be ready with their notes by now. Those who do not
have notes are requested to make notes from this day itself. Giver this test
without preparation so that you will come to know the pattern of tests, you will
also understand your expected approach that you can use for next test of TAPASYA.

3-     RELAX YOURSELF before at least 20 minutes of test. For this,
you can listen to music, meditate or simply sit by closing eyes. This will help
you to concentrate more in the test and to recall concepts.

4-     SLEEP WELL before exam. This helps you to have a clear

5-    MAKE SURE your pen has enough ink, also make sure
that you have extra pen. We are advising you to use Pilot V5 or V7 pen for
smooth and quick writing

At the end, we would like to assure you that don’t worry. We are there with
you in this process. For these tests, other Institutions are taking lakhs of
rupees from aspirants but P-IAS is committed to provide guidance to those who
really need it.

We sincerely request to all that please do dont ignore TAPASYA initiative just because its free. Just go through this PDF where you can see that many questions in UPSC 2022 MAINS came AS IT IS from P-IAS TAPASYA initiative. We have kept it free because we want you to succeed in life without falling for any undue pressure.

We are there with you in this process.

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