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With changed syllabus of MPSC and descriptive nature of both MPSC and UPSC, the demand of exam has changed COMPLETELY!!  Now the exam demands analytical ability, conceptual clarity along with presentation skills. These basic things are MINIMUM criteria to make your own impression on examiner who is checking your paper.

Here, the million dollar question is, do you need formal coaching to get these things done? Is there any need to spend thousands and thousands of hard earned money on formal coaching? Which, off course must be luring you by their catchy techniques by now. A confused animal is most easy prey for a predator!! In the same manner if you are confused now, then predators are waiting for you for sure!!!

As per our understanding and experience, what a candidate need NOW more than ever is GUIDANCE INSTEAD OF LECTURES. And most of the “market” is in the race to provide LECTURES to students. Instead of that, a mentor is way more helpful than 100s of hours of lectures.

So what should be the approach of study now??

  • We request you not to waste 100s of hours and your valuable energy in lectures. Instead, spend your time in reading NCERTs and other BASIC books ( you can download source list here) and build your basic concepts.
  • whatever issues you face while reading those books, whatever concepts you feel are weak, just Google them or watch a Youtube video on that. There are thousands of free lectures on these concepts. We are very sure that your every doubt will get solved by this approach.
  • After building your basic concepts, which will take only 10% of time taken instead of your hours of lectures, just go for solving MCQs on that topic and start writing answers on that topic. (you can use TAPASYA 2023 – our FREE ANSWER WRITING INITIATIVE)

In this manner you will get a clear cut idea about your strongholds and weaknesses. You can lead accordingly after  this.

And even if that issue is not getting solved, then directly call us at our number +91 9710071111. Don’t worry about ANYTHING!!! We are always there for you. FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US.

This exam is all about your consistency, right approach and direction. From your side, YOU TAKE CARE OF CONSISTENCY, from our side, WE WILL TAKE CARE OF APPROACH AND DIRECTION.

In this way, we will reach our COMMON GOAL, that is, TO MAKE YOU AN OFFICER IN THIS ATTEMPT ITSELF!!!

stay tuned… stay blessed… stay aware.

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