A REVAMPED CURRENT AFFAIRS महाराष्ट्रात सर्वप्रथम

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In this auspicious month of Dashera, We are delighted to present you a revamped form of current affairs. Here, you can access current affairs WITHOUT ANY need to download it.

Of course, we are giving you the pdf version as well. you can choose the format that is suitable for you.

The importance of current affairs in UPSC is well known. However, it is also of a paramount importance to keep you updated in a CALCULATIVE manner. It means, you have to know things that are important from EXAM POINT OF VIEW. Here comes the role of P-IAS!!

We strive towards excellence in the civil service preparation and for that, we are giving resources those are important to CLEAR THIS EXAMINATION. We do not want to burden you with unnecessary facts and data, instead we want you to have the hold over those points that are important for your allover understanding of the examination.

This format of Current affairs is been specially designed to give you an advantage over others if you follow this sincerely. You can copy paste important topics in your file or can write them down, at the end you can revise these important points as a last minuet revision.

in this manner, you will be able to excel in current affairs that will also help you in your Essay and Ethics.

highlights of revamped current affairs

1-Papaerwise segregation

2-Editorials Covered

3-Prelims section

4-PIB news covered

5-Expected questions will be given along the news

in this manner you will be able tackel anything that comes infront when dealing with this examination. Kindly go though this.

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