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When one starts preparation for competitive exams, it is likely that the person may think of skipping one or the other attempt. For this decision, reasons can be one or many some says they have not prepared, some say they are not confident and more..

However, this year, for MPSC civil services, the situation is different. Here, the biggest issue is change in whole syllabus and pattern altogether!!! Students are thinking that skipping this attempt will help them to study for next year in better terms. Moreover, if one passes prelim this year and gets stuck in MCQ based mains then s/he has to study for new pattern of mains again. And by that time, other students will get an edge on their answer writing.When one thinks in this manner, it is a valid argument.

Conversely, when a person decides to skip this attempt, IT IS IMPORTANT FOR HIM/HER TO START FOR ANSWER WRITING FROM DAY ONE. Yes! You heard it right. FROM THE DAY ONE. Gone are the days when people used to start writing answers AFTER clearing prelims. That time (mostly in 1990’s) the pattern of UPSC and MPSC mains was different, then, there used to be few questions of more marks but now there are MORE QUESTIONS OF FEW MARKS.

As per our estimate, MPSC mains will have 10 questions of 10 marks and 10 questions for 15 marks for General Studies ( total 20 Questions for GS) and 8 major questions for Optional. There will be 2 sections of paper- Section A and B with 2 compulsory questions of short answers (mostly 5 bits of 10 marks) in both sections. And out of 6, you may have to choose 3 major questions from both sections of Optional Paper.

For this type of question paper, one needs to be MAINS READY BY THE TIME S/HE GIVES PRELIM. Thus, we request all the candidates to start answer writing from day one. For this you can use our free initiative TAPASYA 2023 . It has been designed in such a way that one may be ready with all material by 31 DECEMBER 2022. You can download schedule here. It will also give you ample amount of time to cover your optional subject simultaneously.

We request you NOT to assign 3 months exclusively for Optional and then start for GS and then later for prelim. We have seen this strategy failing miserably in UPSC candidates. We request you to do an integrated study for all. We will guide you about how to do this. Just visit the site regularly for updates.

Again, we request you to use your hitherto acquired knowledge of MCQs for your prelim and mains. It will enrich your answers . for any help, feel free to write us at or log in to our website

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